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Our Team

Olivia Sparrow, P.Eng.

Ontario Offices Lead

MS Civil Engineering, Univ. of Minnesota

BASc Environmental Engineering, Univ. of Waterloo - Canada

Originally from southern Ontario, Olivia has supported clients across Canada and the Mid-Western United States for seven years. She specializes in water resources modeling, stormwater BMP design, stormwater management planning, and BMP monitoring. Olivia was a key contributor in several recent Canadian projects, including the City of Thunder Bay’s Stormwater Management Plan, the Rural Stormwater Management Model for the eastern shore of Lake Huron, and the cost-benefit analysis of over 85,000 urban Low Impact Development retrofit opportunities in Edmonton, Alberta. Olivia’s work continues to establish plans, policies, regulatory frameworks, and best management practices aimed at mitigating the detrimental impacts of land development on water resources, natural resources, and human and wildlife communities.

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