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Carlson Island Stewardship Plan

Carlson Island Stewardship Plan

EOR developed a 5-year adaptive stewardship plan for The Island Residences on Carlson Island in the City of Minnetonka. The Stewardship Plan's objective is to eradicate invasive species and restore a diverse assemblage of native species following an initial invasive species control effort in 2015. EOR worked with the City of Minnetonka to secure protection of the Island's forest and land by acquiring conservation easements on approximately 7.25 acres of the 12 acre Island.

The ecological stewardship plan was developed with full participation by the stakeholders and city officials to ensure that the recommended management practices met city standards for conservation easements. Plan recommendations focused on buckthorn removal, herbaceous species control, and the establishment of a wetland buffer.

Client Benefits

  • EOR oversight of conservation easement reduced the burden on city staff, while also ensuring compliance with city standards.
  • Plan includes a concise plan of action, cost estimates, and scope of work required in securing the conservation easement

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