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Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Planning

The most successful strategies in maintaining the integrity of our natural resources while accommodating community growth is through the proper design and construction of sustainable site strategies. We work with the unique character and composition of a site, not against it. We preserve, enhance, and use a site's inherent features for function and character, rather than forcing the site fit the design. Focusing on the collaborative and related processes between function, design, implementation, and budget responsibility, EOR's projects reduce construction costs, improve environmental quality, and preserve a site's unique sense of place.

Representative Services:

  • Agro-Ecology/Community Farming
  • Campus and Community Planning
  • Civil Design, Construction Management, and Land Surveying
  • Green Infrastructure (reuse, green roofs, etc.)
  • Low Impact Development (LID) and Conservation Design
  • Parks and Waterways
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Site Design
  • Site Development and Redevelopment
  • Sustainable Design Strategies (SITES, LEED, Envision, etc.)
  • Sustainability Planning (greenhouse gases, renewables, waste, land use, etc.)
  • Workshops, Charrettes, Visioning and Facilitation

Community Service Lead:

Kevin Biehn --- 651.203.6022 / E-mail:

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