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Ecosystems and Natural Resources

Our scientists and related natural resource professionals work to provide a solid planning and developmental framework for our ecosystem restoration and conservation projects. We develop natural resource management plans for those entities concerned about sustainability issues, the documentation, preservation, and monitoring of our natural resources, and the mitigation of flood, development, and industrial impacts. In addition, our staff has surveyed and monitored many rare animal and plant species in accordance with the governing legislation and has followed both standard and advanced protocols in our field techniques.

Representative Services:

  • Ecological Restoration Design
  • Cultural Resources (Section 106) Consultation
  • Environmental Compliance (NEPA, EAW, EIS, SEIS, etc.)
  • Environmental Planning & Management
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Ecological Restoration & Management
  • Natural Resource Damage Assessment
  • Urban Ecology
  • Vegetation Surveys and Mapping
  • Wetland Management Planning & Banking
  • Wetland Delineation & Permitting
  • Wildlife Surveys & Monitoring

Ecology Service Lead:

Jason Naber --- 651.203.6028 / E-mail:

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