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JEDI Commitment



We actively seek to represent the interests of all the communities and stakeholders who are impacted by our work, especially those that have been historically excluded. We recognize the history of social exclusion in environmentalism and engineering. We are working to ensure an equitable future in these fields and within our own corporate culture.



Inclusive Practices

We are committed to reflective and adaptive practices that promote progressive and equitable policies to support our employees and their well-being. We seek to grow our workforce by creating inclusive internal structures to help each employee thrive while doing their best work.


External Relationships

We acknowledge the importance of inclusion in our professional and personal relationships. As such, we actively engage with our local communities and organizations to build positive relationships. We strive to continue engaging with new partners and future candidates from diverse and under-represented backgrounds.


Holistic Development

Our company is committed to supporting the professional growth of our employees by encouraging skills and knowledge development while also supporting their personal growth by providing opportunities to give back within the communities where we live and work.


Environmental Equity

We strive to achieve environmental equity in all our work. We choose to participate in projects based upon their ability to improve environmental outcomes for people and resources, in keeping with our focus on environmental equity. Environmental equity means protection from environmental hazards as well as access to environmental benefits, regardless of income, race, and other characteristics.



We are making a choice to identify and address bias in all aspects of our work and work environment. We recognize that as we unlearn our internal biases, we will make mistakes. We commit to taking accountability for those mistakes and continuing to push each other to be better today than we were yesterday.

Want to Join Our Team?

If you are passionate about making a difference in the world, we look forward to hearing from you.