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Repair Response for Utility

Repair Response for Utility

EOR was integral to the repair of a critical gas pipeline that was exposed during a major flooding event in central Wisconsin. The existing steel pipe was vulnerable to damage and required a rapid-response approach to ensure uninterrupted service to hundreds of households and customers. The repair effort required close coordination by EOR with multiple functional groups including the owner/client, structural engineering designers, state and local regulatory agencies, and multiple contractors. Due to the nature and location of the repair effort, this project required the phased isolation of portions of the stream bed allowing for construction access and pipe replacement.

EOR environmental scientists evaluated existing conditions of this trout stream and worked closely with the WI. Dept. of Natural Resources to create a stream restoration plan that specified how the stream bed materials (and the order in which it was removed) would be returned post-repair, as to note disturb the stream bed's natural composition.

Based on demand needs from the gas system and statutory calendar restrictions on in-stream activity to avoid disruptions to trout spawning, there was only a one-month window to perform the required replacement. Working closely with the client and construction team, EOR developed a minimally invasive construction plan to address in-stream construction activities, treatment of dewatering discharges, sediment and erosion control measures, and the final eco-restoration of the work area.

Client Benefits

  • Developed a multi-prong approach (plans A, B, and C) based on myriad of potential technical and regulatory issues. 
  • Team remained adaptable to challenging and hazardous settings, providing rapid-response solutions while outlining contingencies.   
  • Used water dams to address in-stream crossings, supported with multiple bypass pumps to enable reinstallation of the gas main.

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