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Addressing Karst Geology

Addressing Karst Geology

The original Hart Farms development plan included a two cell wet pond to provide water quality treatment and rate control. However the pond did not function as intended, and caused environmental & aesthetic concerns. EOR determined that, in addition to the pond's improper construction, the area's Karst bedrock layers caused significant exfiltration. The project was divided into two phases: identification/analysis and design.

Phase-1 - Determined the causes of the pond's condition, identified solutions, and analyzed the associated costs, benefits, and risks. Also evaluated were the Karst-specific issues: groundwater contamination, sinkhole formation, & reduced water quality treatment effectiveness.

Phase-2 - The design of a filtration retrofit that to reduce the Karst-related risks. Water quality and quantity parameters are maintained by basin shaping, outlet modification, and the inclusion of iron-filings in the filtration media.

Client Benefits

  • The shallower filtration design will provide the required water quality treatment & rate control, while addressing the Karst bedrock infiltration concerns.
  • Reduced bounce, naturally contoured shoreline, and native vegetation establishment will transform pond into an amenity.

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