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IESF for Residential Development

IESF for Residential Development

EOR promoted and designed a "pump & treat" iron-enhanced sand filter (IESF) to address water quality concerns in a perennial stream with high phosphorus concentrations. This stream flows into Lake McKusick and the St. Croix River, both of which are impaired for excess nutrients. The sophisticated system is a first of its kind in the water quality industry. As water level rises in the stream during a rain event, a pump is activated and "lifts" water from the stream into a pond for pretreatment and settling of sediment. Water then flows through an iron-enhanced sand filter; the clean water is discharged back into the stream. The filter is incorporated into an existing stormwater management pond, enabling the neighborhood's aesthetic to remain unchanged.

Client Benefits

  • Remote, web-based pump control allows rapid performance review, pump setting modification, and operation and maintenance needs communication, significantly reducing staff time, while also allowing accurate flow measurement.
  • The IESF treats stormwater for both soluble and particulate phosphorus.
  • Monitoring shows the facility is achieving ~85% total phosphorus reduction for filtered water, or roughly 50 lbs. annually.
  • Cost is 1/5 of traditional solutions.
  • Facility location at trailhead provides excellent stormwater education venue for residents & trail users.

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