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Improving Trout Passage

Improving Trout Passage

Two large box culverts created a significant obstacle to fish spawning upstream of the confluence of Brown's Creek and the St. Croix River. Retrofit extensions installed in 1993 to increase roadway widths and concrete "curb-stops," caused steep culvert slope, as well as extreme intermediate slopes. This design prevented flow depths sufficient for fish passage. In 2009, routine inspections found that the steep slopes and baffle spacing was inadequate and water depth was less than an inch over the longer runs. EOR's responded to these issues by installing an additional 17 concrete "curb-stop" baffles across the two culverts during base flow conditions.

Client Benefits

  • Elongated flow path & increased water depth throughout both culverts promotes fish passage.
  • Increased trout spawning potential in the lowest reach of Brown’s Creek will aid trout populations throughout the creek.
  • Brown’s Creek fish passage improved during low flow periods.

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