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Water-Focused Site Design

Water-Focused Site Design

EOR, in collaboration with MSR Design, transformed an industrial building into the new office and campus of the Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD). EOR implemented the most advanced stormwater management technologies across the campus to both manage stormwater on-site and to convey the mission of the CRWD. EOR established multiple, unique gathering areas across the campus, including a community "pocket park," an outdoor classroom nestled within a constructed wetland, and an employee patio for both staff use and public events. Each of these areas is interwoven with accessible stormwater management BMPs such as permeable pavements, tree trenches, and bioretention basins. The site also features educational and artistic elements, such as sculptural downspouts that deliver roof runoff to surface BMPs and an interpretive exhibit powered by harvested runoff from the interior cistern.

Client Benefits

  • Stormwater runoff quality improved and quantity reduced to pre-settlement conditions.
  • Significantly reduced impervious surfaces.
  • Multiple gathering & education areas.
  • Educational, interpretive stormwater features that advance the mission of CRWD.
  • Reduced the client’s potable water needs by 75% while simultaneously providing its neighbors with a healthier, sustaining environment and an urban oasis for the community.

Project Recognition

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