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Lake Channel Improvements

Lake Channel Improvements

Working closely with the St. Paul Department of Parks and Recreation, EOR developed a site plan for the channel connecting Phalen & Round Lakes. This innovative plan focused on improving recreational opportunities, developing habitat, and stabilizing the lake's shoreline. Rainwater gardens, floating islands, and wetland benches along the shore combine an enhanced aesthetic with water cleansing properties. A rock riffle and habitat logs stabilize flows in the channel, thereby reducing streambank erosion. Our team developed a rich set of new habitat opportunities in over three acres of native plantings. We used natural limestone outcroppings to add a new space for the public to interact and enjoy the channel. Improved picnic spaces take advantage of viewsheds through a dynamic, native plant palette. Several new or improved trails increased accessibility across the site.

Client Benefits

  • Stabilized the channel streambank and reduced runoff into Lake Phalen.
  • Integrated green infrastructure and native plantings to enhance aesthetics, habitat, and water quality.
  • Increased recreational opportunities with fishing outcroppings, enhanced picnic spaces, and improved access across the site.

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