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Large-Scale Retail Site Design

Large-Scale Retail Site Design

This project is part of a comprehensive effort to address excess nutrient loading in Comfort Lake, Minnesota. EOR introduced multiple practices to filter and absorb runoff from a commercial property and the adjacent roadway. Many existing commercial areas have minimal or no stormwater controls. The project included completely retrofitting an unsightly and dangerous pond with an iron-enhanced sand filter, as well as tree trenches and rain gardens with native plantings in the boulevard between the property and the existing road. These BMPs reduce the total phosphorus load to Comfort Lake, and help the City move toward meeting its annualized total maximum daily load reduction. The BMPs also help calm local traffic and beautify the City.

Client Benefits

  • Secured grant funding for design and construction of the project.
  • Met the conflicting needs of the corporate retailer, City, and Watershed District.
  • Successfully retrofitted uncontrolled and polluting stormwater treatment.

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