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Phase II EIS for Mine

Phase II EIS for Mine

In accordance with National and State environmental regulations (NEPA and MEPA), EOR authored an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed re-opening of a taconite mine. The EIS reviewed wetland impacts, water pollution discharges, water appropriations, air pollutant discharges (including greenhouse gases (GHG)), and rare species takings. Because the mine site is located in the St. Louis River headwaters, extensive hydrologic evaluation was required to assess effects on aquatic resources, drinking water supplies, and wetlands. EOR also worked in close partnership with the 1857 Treaty Authority. The EIS also complied with new CEQ guidance that required more substantive review of climate change, and mitigation and monitoring activities.

Client Benefits

  • EOR Team consisted of experts in geochemistry, hydrogeology, risk assessment, air emissions, GHG analysis, mining engineering, wastewater treatment, watershed-based wetland evaluation, rare species biology, and tribal treaty negotiations.
  • Communication of technical issues to multiple audiences, with clear illustrations and document design.
  • Highly flexible team adapted to a long-term, inconsistent schedule.

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