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Parking Area Improvements

Parking Area Improvements

A church parking lot, originally designed as vast expanses of asphalt with no landscaping, shade, or visual aesthetic, was in disrepair and posed hazards for vehicles and pedestrians. EOR's redesign reflects the congregation's environmental and community values, while also improving the lot's functions and safety. A series of Bioretention Cells treats stormwater in the parking lot, and a large, shade-tree-lined, porous paver promenade forms a visual focal point that extends to the main entry. Excess runoff is routed to several raingardens on-site. The congregation also valued the opportunity to use the parking lot as an environmental education tool and demonstration site that would highlight the importance of sustainable design.

Client Benefits

  • Design protects the water quality of the St. Croix River.
  • Improvements include: reduced heat-island effect, improved pedestrian safety, increased accessibility, better aesthetics, and environmental stewardship and education.
  • Volunteers helped with planting and in the design input process.

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