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Rare Plant Survey for Utility Installation

Rare Plant Survey for Utility Installation

EOR conducted threatened, endangered, or sensitive species (TES) searches in forest and wetland communities along a 3-mile segment of County Road 7. This segment of road is USFS land and a potential site for underground utility installation. EOR used MN GAP Cover Types and its prior knowledge to conduct off-site screening of 49 species, and associated species, on the regional R9 species list. On-site searches were also conducted and included direct species searches during appropriate seasonal conditions. EOR created a database of the species survey data as well as a GIS map ID for each MN Gap Cover Type. The map included species encountered, habitat notes, aspect, moisture conditions, soil conditions, solar exposure, and dominant flora.

Client Benefits

  • EOR’s 20+ years of experience identifying rare plants.
  • Data collection & documentation consistent with federal Biological Assessment reporting.
  • Rare species locations were cross-referenced to data sheets and population data provided for future species management and impact avoidance.

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