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Raptor Nest Survey for Utility

Raptor Nest Survey for Utility

A five-state utility corridor along with ancillary facilities was surveyed in accordance with procedures and guidelines of the US Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). EOR ensured that construction activities did not pose a threat to migratory birds. EOR surveyed raptor nests within a quarter mile of any construction activity using aerial helicopter screening and ground verification methods. The surveys occurred during early spring, leaf-off conditions, and immediately prior to construction. Raptor species, nesting stage, and raptor behavior (stick carrying, courtship, and incubating) were documented. Our team scored nests as active, suspect, or inactive. Active nests were monitored until the young dispersed from the nesting area. The team communicated on a daily basis with environmental inspectors to confirm land access and the progress of construction activity.

Client Benefits

  • Complied with the federal U.S. Migratory Bird Treaty Act and OSHA Health & Safety Training Program.
  • Flexible team able to adapt quickly to client’s changing needs.
  • Multi-year project with continuous, consistent management and team composition.

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