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Sustainable Site for Winery

7 Vines Winery

EOR completed civil site design for the campus of a new winery featuring vineyards, event space, and parking areas. Wetland and stormwater permitting requirements were balanced with the goal of maintaining the quiet, serene atmosphere desired by the owner. 

Costly mitigation was avoided by thoughtful site design that wove parking areas around existing wetlands and complimented these with four rain gardens for stormwater capture and filtration. Naturalized landscape areas were protected and used to frame views, and native plantings were added to bolster biodiversity. A right turn lane was incorporated along the state highway to ensure safe passage for clientele entering and leaving the winery.

Client Benefits

  • Maximized parking and stormwater treatment while minimizing additional costs.
  • Rain gardens treat stormwater runoff while also providing native vegetation accentuating the parking area and entrance.
  • Interpretation and navigation of complicated permitting rules through multiple site alterations.

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