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University Campus Improvements

University Campus Improvements

Based on studies and recommendations completed by EOR, the University of Minnesota developed a large, regional infiltration basin on its St. Paul Campus by diverting the "first flush" runoff from over 350 acres of institutional and agricultural areas. Grading, infrastructure, and vegetation improvements designed to infiltrate stormwater inputs. The new basin resulted in a significant reduction in stormwater volume and pollutant loading, improved storm sewer capacity, and decreased the potential for flooding on campus. The project was also embraced by the University as a living laboratory for stormwater and restoration issues.

Client Benefits

  • Improved water quality and reduced stormwater volumes and peak rates.
  • Laboratory for continued restoration and stormwater research.
  • Reduced strain on U of M’s under-sized stormsewer system, and the need for costly upgrades.
  • Created wildlife habitat and enhanced aesthetics.

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