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Environmental Reviews

Navigating the Environmental Compliance & Permitting Process

EOR performs environmental compliance required under federal, state, and local governments. We have completed reviews for a wide range of project types, including transportation, private developments, mines/quarries, contaminated sites/brownfields, and utilities (sewers, pipelines, wind, solar, and substations). Our regulatory team of scientists, environmental planners, and cultural resource professionals are experienced in navigating the local, state, tribal, and federal regulations to ensure our client’s programs/projects meet the required environmental reviews and permitting in a cost-effective and timely manner.

EOR also works with state and local government agencies to develop and enforce environmental regulations, provides environmental reviews and permitting services to various government agencies and industry, and performs environmental due diligence for our private-sector clients. EOR’s extensive experience working on both sides of the regulatory framework, allows us to guide our clients effectively and efficiently through the often-challenging process.

- For natural resource assessments see EOR's Ecological Services.
- For resource management planning see EOR's Planning & Guidance Services. 

Environmental/Cultural Permitting

- Federal
  • National Environmental Policy Act
    - Environmental Assessments (EA) & Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Clean Water Act - Sec. 401 (Waters) & Sec. 404 (Wetlands)
  • Land & Water Conservation Act – Sec.6(F)
  • Endangered Species, Bald & Golden Eagle Protection Act(s)
  • National Historic Preservation Act – Sec.106
  • Resource Conservation & Recovery Act

Environmental/Cultural Permitting  

- State & Local
  • State-Specific Environmental Reviews (EPA)
  • State-Specific Historic Preservation Reqs. (SHPO)
  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Watershed District/Drainage District Permits
  • Water Appropriations

Transportation/Site-Related Permitting

- Federal, State, & Local
  • Federal-Aid Highway Act – Sec.4(F)
  • FAA Siting Requirements
  • Over-size/weight Roadway Permits
  • Right of Way/Roadway access
  • Building & Grading Permits
  • Conditional Use Permits 
  • Stormwater/Erosion-Related Permits (NPDES & SWPPP)

Environmental Review Lead:

Team Lead: Stu Grubb --- 651.203.6024 /

Environmental Compliance Projects

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