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GIS & Drone Technology

Mapping, Analysis, Data Collection & Management

EOR’s GIS team understands spatial data is a powerful tool in both visualization and analysis. Our multidisciplinary team is skilled in both concisely conveying information in map form as well as conducting detailed spatial analytics. We employ GIS best practices on our projects which range from modeling and ecological restoration to stormwater management planning, community development and permitting. 

Our GIS team uses emerging technologies including proprietary, custom design web-mapping applications, database design and open-source options to meet our client’s technological needs and financial budgets.  Our Drone and Video capabilities complement our GIS mapping and offer additional services beyond mapping, including visual documentation support and field verification for our clients and our project teams. 

GIS Services:

  • Cartography / Map Production
  • Data Collection
  • Topographic & Aerial Surveys/Reconnaissance 
  • Aerial Mapping & Terrain Analysis 
  • Spatial Analysis, Database Administration & Maintenance
    (PostgreSQL, Azure, etc.)
  • ESRI & Open-Source Solutions
    (QGIS, ArcMap, ArcPro, ArcGIS Online, GeoServer, etc.)

Web-Integrated Capabilities:

  • Field Collection
  • Web Mapping
  • Shiny Applications
  • Cloud-Based Services
  • ESRI-based Applications
    (ArcGIS, StoryMaps, Survey123, etc.)

Drone Services:

GIS Lead:

Team Lead: Sarah Voje --- 651.203.2029 /

GIS/Drone Informed Projects

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Examples above represent just a small sampling of our projects.