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Water Resources

Managing Water Quality & Community Flooding

EOR’s team of water resources engineers, environmental planners, ecologists, and communication professionals collaborate with our clients, stakeholders, and the governing agencies in addressing the regulatory landscape to create well-targeted, performance-based plans that are customized for their unique needs. Our planning team has extensive experience in facilitating and leading large groups including technical and public advisory committees, as well as large collaborative teams of professional partners. Our Plans are varied (see planning typologies listed below) yet they all incorporate the latest research, data, and advanced practices within the field, as well as incorporate and recognize the socio-specific needs and context of its community and stakeholders.

- For design and construction of related stormwater BMPs, see EOR's Civil Engineering Services.
- For water resources management planning, see EOR's Planning & Guidance Services. 

Water Quality/Pollutant Reduction:

  • Water Quality & Groundwater Modeling
  • Pollutant Reduction BMP Identification
    (urban and agricultural)
  • Water Quality & Groundwater Monitoring
  • Geologic & Hydrogeologic Investigations 
  • Wellhead Protection

Water Quantity/Flood Mitigation:

  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling 
  • Volume-Reducing BMP Identification
    (urban and agricultural)
  • Surface Water Monitoring
  • Groundwater Dewatering & Recharge
  • Flood Plain Mapping & Analysis
  • Resilience Assessments/Risk Analysis

Aquatic Ecology:

  • Diagnostic Studies
    (phytoplankton identification, coring analysis, ... other?)
  • Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Studies/Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
    (harmful algal blooms, in-lake and aquatic plant mgmt.)
  • Lake-response Modeling
  • In-Lake Treatments
    (alum chloride, ferric chloride, aerators, etc.)

Water Resources Lead:

Team Lead: Carl Almer--- 651.203.6024 /

Water Resource Projects

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Examples above represent just a small sampling of our projects.