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Energy & Utilities

Ensuring a Clean, Renewable, & Sustainable Future

EOR provides a wide range of services for the implementation of community solar gardens, wind farms, transmission (substations), and various other critical utilities (pipelines) throughout the U.S. Our team of engineers, environmental scientists, landscape architects, and cultural/historical experts have over 25 years of experience in the environmental consulting sector and understand the complex and critical nature of these projects.

Having worked with all levels of government (local, state, federal and international border-area jurisdictions) EOR has navigated a myriad of environmental rules, regulations, and federal acts. Our in-depth design and planning experience allows us to provide our clients with advanced solutions for challenging and atypical site conditions - from security/access concerns, to rare and endangered species, to drainage and groundwater concerns, as well as historical and sensitive cultural sites.

- For environmental permitting see EOR's Environmental Review Services
- For site design & construction see EOR's Civil Engineering Services

Environmental Assistance & Review:

  • Environmental Site Reconnaissance & Siting
  • Critical Issues & Fatal Flaws Analysis
  • Wetland Delineation & Permitting (Local, State & NPDES) 
  • CUP/IUP Compliance Tracking
  • Phase I & II (Site Assessments / Archeological Reviews
  • Sensitive Wildlife & Rare Features Review / Consultation
  • Quick Response Mitigation Team

Design, Construction, & Maintenance​:

  • Civil Site Design, Permitting, & Site Compliance
  • Construction Coordination, Staking, & Inspections
  • Project Coordination for Electrical Eng., Racking & Installation 
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) & Inspection 
  • Landscape Planning, Screening & Site Restoration by
    EOR's Professional Landscape Architects
  • Vegetation Seeding & Establishment (native, pollinator)
  • Vegetation Monitoring & Maintenance (grazing management)

Communications & Engagement

  • Community Outreach & Presentations
  • Community Engagement & Workshops
  • Project Representation/Public Contact Lead 
  • Economic & Partnership Development
  • Project Communication Materials & Support
  • 3D Renderings & Plan Illustrations
  • Funding & Grant Support/Assistance
  • Videography / Project Documentation

Owners & Stakeholders​:

  • Environmental Reports (financiers & federal loans)
  • Ecosystem Services & Environmental Benefits Prospectus 
    (biodiversity, soil health, water quality, value-added siting)
  • Sustainability Planning & Assessment
    (greenhouse gases, renewables, waste, land use, etc.)
  • Ordinance Guidance & Writing Support for Sustainable Sites
  • Neutral, Third-Party Review
  • Water Quality Trading & Compliance
Renewable Service Lead: Joe Pallardy --- 608.839.6146 /
Utilites Service Lead: Mike Rupiper --- 608.839.8308 /

Renewable Energy & Utility Projects

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