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Nationally Recognized, Founded in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

EOR is a water resource-based engineering and environmental consulting firm that specializes in:


Launched with a vision, evolved into a lifelong passion.

In 1997 EOR was formed by Brett Emmons, PE along with principal Cecilio Olivier, PE who recognized the crucial need for alternative and sustainable approaches to resource management that would provide long-term, holistic solutions to the world's pressing environmental challenges. 

Having created an innovative and proven water-centric approach to natural resource management and design, EOR continues to expand and address new opportunities and challenges both nationally and internationally. EOR is proud of over two decades worth of accomplishments, as well as the bonds formed with clients old and new. 


Integrating water, ecology, and community.

At EOR, scientific study and design are inherently intertwined in the pursuit of sustainability. The analytical and creative richness of our solutions derives from this characteristic integration and results in the highest social, environmental, and economic returns for our clients.


We care for the earth and its inhabitants.


We embody environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability in everything we do.
  • Clients

    We collaborate with environmentally conscious customers.

    We are wholly committed to their projects, and we ensure that they see the tangible, quantifiable benefits of sustainable principles.

  • People

    We attract passionate, creative professionals.

    Our team is energized by challenges and driven by the desire for healthier environments and communities.

  • Workplace

    We work in an inspiring and healthy environment.

    Our office is driven by collaboration and innovation and supports a flexible worklife/family balance.

  • Organization

    We foster a culture of ownership.

    More than half of our staff are employee-owners, and the rest have an equally strong commitment to the company – a commitment built on open dialog and office-wide participation in decision-making.

  • Commitment

    We support the communities we serve.

    We gain a deep understanding of their people, ecology, and history, and we invest in them by patronizing local businesses, teaming with local contractors and vendors, and utilizing locally produced materials.

  • Passion

    We believe now is the time to act.

    We are concerned about the current state of the world, but we are confident we can meet the challenge.

A Great Firm, Requires Great People

Learn how EOR’s unique, multi-disciplinary team collaborates to create great projects for great clients!