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Welcoming Madison Rogers to our St. Paul Office!

Pleased to announce the addition of another modeler and CFM to our team. To learn more about Madison, click here.

Welcoming Ellen Kimlinger to our St. Paul Office!

Wonderful to have Ellen beginning her Civil Engineering career at EOR. To learn more about Ellen, click here.

Welcoming Taylor Limberg to our St. Paul Office!

Excited to have Taylor join our team with her project mgr. experience & the additional GIS skills that she brings. To learn more about Taylor, click here.

2021 MN-ALSA Landscape Architecture Design Awards!

EOR is very proud of our recognized work by the MN Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects for the following two projects: 
The CRWD Office (EOR provided landscape architecture and civil engineering)
The St. Cloud Riverwalk Plan (EOR provided natural resource services)

Welcoming Allison Mark to our St. Paul Office!

With a passion for policy and environmental engineering, we are happy Allison has joined our team. To learn more about Allison, click here.

Welcoming Raymond Kakala to our Iowa Office!

Proud to have a new engineer join our team in Iowa. To learn more about Raymond, click here.

Welcoming Jaz Warren to our St. Paul Office!

Urban planning meets wellness design, a wonderful addition to our team. To learn more about Jaz, click here. 

Welcoming Ethan J. Hau to our Madison Office!

Wonderful to have Ethan joining our team as environmental scientist. To learn more about Ethan, click here

Welcoming Kimberly Walsh to our Madison Office!

Reflecting both science and engineering, we are happy Kimberly has joined our multidisciplinary team at EOR. To learn more about Kimberly, click here. 

Welcoming Natalie McCraw to our Madison Office!

We are excited to have Natalie begin her engineering career with us at EOR. To learn more about Natalie, click here.

Welcoming Karline McCawley to our Toronto Office!

Karline brings a wealth of experience and extensive stormwater management knowledge to our team. To learn more about Karline, click here.

Continuing to Advance the Water Resources Dialog 

EOR was proud to present the following talks at the 2020 Annual Minnesota Association of Watershed District's Conference:

Continued Project Recognition for EOR, our Clients, and our Partners.

2020 Awards Included the Following New Additions:

  • AWRA Integrated Water Resources Mgmt. Award (shared with the Brown's Creek Watershed District)
  • WEF Water Quality Improvement Award for Trout Stream Restoration
  • MN-ASLA Landscape Honor Award (as a Team Member with Confluence)

We've Opened Our New Headquarters in St. Paul, MN!

After more than 20 years of dedication, with 6 satellite offices involving over 60 employees, across 3 states and 2 countries - EOR is happy to announce our new corporate headquarters. Located in the Midway area of St. Paul, we are excited to share our new space with you. To learn more about our new headquarters, click here.

New Office in Coralville, IA - Led by Aaron L Gwinnup,PE

With EOR’s commitment and established presence in Iowa, we are pleased to announce the recent hire of Aaron L Gwinnup,PE. As a water resources engineer, stormwater BMP and stream specialist, and experienced project manager, Aaron brings a wealth of talent and a depth of experience in protecting and improving the quality of surface waters to EOR.  He will be leading EOR’s new Eastern-Iowa office in Coralville.
To learn more about Aaron and the Eastern IA office click here.

Montgomery Associates Joins EOR!

EOR and Montgomery Associates: Resource Solutions (MARS) have combined to further foster our collective mission to provide the highest social, environmental, and economic returns for our clients.  The merger of the two firms strengthens our operations throughout the Upper Midwest and Canada. 
To learn more about our combined approach click here.

Celebrating a Shared Vision and Passion!

Congrats to EOR and new employee owners Kyle, Stu, Britta, Paula, Joe , and Mike

Canada Office Opens in Ontario!

Opening an EOR Canada office in Toronto will serve to oversee and service our increasing number of Canadian projects. A few examples include: Thunder Bay SWMP, CVC LID Construction Manual, Edmonton LID Study and the Rural SW Mgmt. Model etc.

New Year, New "One Watershed, One Plans"!

EOR is proud to announce our two recent One Watershed, One Plan projects. Having completed the "Lake Superior North One Watershed, One Plan" as a pilot project in 2016, EOR has continued to build on the success of that Plan and is currently working on both the Cannon River and the Pomme de Terre River One Watershed, One Plans.

The Cannon River One Watershed, One Plan:
EOR is working with 6 County Boards and County Soil and Water Conservation Districts in S.E. Minnesota to develop a comprehensive watershed management plan for the Cannon River planning area. Key aspects of the plan include:

  • prioritization of issues and goals for resources,
  • landscape and socioeconomic concerns using Zonation value-based modeling,
  • HSPF modeling,
  • state-wide goals,
  • and local input.

The plan will include a 10-year implementation plan with activities and programs that achieve the plan goals identified from local implementation plans and PTMApp BMP modeling.

The Pomme de Terre, One Watershed, One Plan:
EOR is currently working with 6 County Boards and County Soil and Water Conservation Districts in central-western Minnesota to develop a comprehensive watershed management plan for the Pomme de Terre River Watershed. Key aspects of the plan include:

  • prioritization of issues, goals and implementation activities for resources,
  • landscape and socioeconomic concerns using Zonation value-based HSPF,
  • and PTMApp modeling.

This Plan is being developed in a watershed that is currently undergoing it’s second round of intensive watershed monitoring and WRAPS development by MPCA.

A Fall Bird Migration to Celebrate!

EOR's award-winning project the Amery Hospital & Clinic has just been Certified as an Audubon Bird Sanctuary - making it he first hospital in the world to receive such an honor!

Click to learn more about the Amery Hospital & Clinic (previously Amery Regional Medical Center)

A Spring Blossom of Awards & Recognition

This spring, EOR received awards for 3 of our landscape architecture projects!

"The Rose" - an inner city, sustainable, affordable housing project,
received a MN-ASLA Merit Award for Residential Design

"Transforming Central High School" - a water quality and site improvement project,
received a Sustainable St. Paul Award

"Organic Valley Office Building" - a sustainable, corporate campus landscape
2017 USGBC Wisconsin Leader Awards – Merit Award in theInnovative Design, New Construction category.

Click on the project titles above to learn more about each one.

New Year, New Projects! EOR Continues Bringing Expertise to Canada

EOR is proud to announce our latest Canadian project in Edmonton, Alberta. After having completed several projects in Ontario, EOR has gone west to the Canadian prairies with their recent Edmonton LID Location Study.

Click to learn more about EOR's Edmonton LID Location Study

2017 Celebrating 20 Years of EOR!!!

Beginning in 1997 by Brett H. Emmons and Cecilio Olivier, we are happy to celebrate 20 years of continual service to our clients in protecting and preserving our natural resources.

Winter 2016 - LEED® Gold Certification Awarded to Organic Valley Project!

EOR is proud to announce that the Organic Valley Corporate Campus Expansion Project has received the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® Gold Certification.

Click to learn more about EOR's project role - "Sustainable Site and Campus Design"

Fall 2016 - EOR MIDS Article Published in Land & Water Sept/Oct Issue

This article details EOR's efforts in implementing Minnesota's Minimal Impact Development Standards (MIDS) throughout the State and how these standards have significant impacts on reducing stormwater pollution.

Click to see EOR's article - "Minimal Impact Development Standards: A New Cutting Edge in Stormwater Management"

Summer 2016 - EOR Receives International Engineering Award!

EOR is very proud to announce that our project "Designing a Community for Zero Stormwater Discharge " (completed for the City of Inver Grove Heights, MN) received an FIDIC Engineering Award of Merit.

Click to learn more about the award-winning project "Designing A Community for Zero Stormwater Discharge"

Spring 2016 - New EOR Office in Iowa!

EOR is proud to announce our new Iowa office. EOR and Griggs Environmental Strategies have joined to offer our clients expanded services while providing a more active presence for our Iowa projects. A few examples include: Hickory Grove Lake, Abner Bell Wetland, Greening Cedar Rapids and the Iowa Wetland Mitigation Bank

Learn More About Our Projects

Our projects reflect the depth of our team, the diversity of our clients, and the resource-focused nature of our approach.